3 Tips for Choosing a Car for Your Teen Driver

Choosing a car for your teen is an important decision. Teens are more likely to drive recklessly and get in accidents, so you want to find one that will keep your child safe. Check out these three tips for choosing the right car for your teen driver.

Choose Safety

When looking for a safe car, consider size, crash test results, safety features, quality and reliability.

Check Quality

Most likely, your teen will get a used car. However, while the prices of used cars have gone up since the past, that doesn’t mean the quality has. Before buying a used car, inspect it for quality. Have a certified mechanic do a pre-purchase inspection to make sure everything is safe and the car is of the quality you paid for.

Teen Features

Some cars offer great features that are perfect for teen drivers. GPS is a another great tool for avoiding getting lost and to let you know where your teen has been. If your teen is going to be driving long distances to and from college, you’ll also want one that is fuel efficient.

When choosing a car for your teen driver, choose one that is safe and reliable. For more information about teen driving and auto insurance in California, contact Wraith, Scarlett & Randolph Insurance, located in Woodland.