Be Ready for That Northern California Cold and Moisture

There hasn’t been much cold and rain this season, but here in Northern California we usually get our share of winter weather at some point. If you haven’t prepared for the rains and cold snaps to come, you might find yourself suffering the consequences of waiting too long to get your home or car ready for the elements.

While it occurs to most people to cold-proof and waterproof their property once the cold and wet weather come in, fewer people think to check on their coverage for that property. Of course, it’s ideal to keep issues from happening if you can, but making sure you have up-to-date auto insurance and homeowners insurance to cover any potential accidents on your property, due to standing waters, and occasionally even ice, on roofs, porches and walkways, or any potential accidents while driving on wet roadways, offers a secondary level of protection that kicks in should problems come to pass.

When you are ready to get yourself and your property covered for winter, contact us at Wraith, Scarlett & Randolph. We provide great prices on auto and homeowners insurance in Northern California and beyond.