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Insuring time with a business continuity plan

May 1, 2018

Prepare for the worst. Plan for the best. Most property risk management reviews entail selecting insurance values for equipment, inventory, and buildings. We need these items to conduct business, so we insure them against accidents and catastrophes. Equally as important and often under-estimated is time’s influence on your risk management plan. According to a report from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), 40% of businesses do not reopen following a disaster. An additional 31% ...more »

Drowsy driving: Don’t be a statistic

March 30, 2017

If you’ve ever felt tired behind the wheel, you’re not alone. Many American drivers can barely keep their eyes open, according to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety’s annual Traffic Safety Culture Index. More than one in three drivers report dozing off while on the road and more than one in 10 have admitted to doing this within the past year. These statistics alone are concerning, but it gets worse. Drowsy drivers are involved in an estimated one in five fatal crashes. Yikes! There is a ...more »

Natural Disasters Remind Us To Have Insurance Coverage

April 25, 2014

Natural disasters can strike at any moment, and California has seen its fair share in the recent weeks. A 3.0 earthquake was just felt near Borrego Springs the first week of April. In Roseville, they had a tornado touch down during the last week of March, and massive mudslides struck northern and southern California at the beginning of March. After every disaster, people must assess the damage to their homes and properties. If they are lucky, their insurance company will compensate them for the damages ...more »

Top Tips for Road Trips

April 21, 2014

If you’re planning a long drive for spring break or a family vacation, keep these long-distance safety tips in mind: Before you take to the road, give your car a complete inspection. Consider having the oil changed by a mechanic, who can also check that other fluids are full and the car’s tires are properly inflated. If you know the car will need maintenance soon — a brake job, for instance — have it done before the trip. Get enough sleep before your trip. If you can, don’t ...more »

Movies on Main Street: April 25th!

April 16, 2014

Are you ready for a little springtime fun for the entire family? Then you’ll want to check out the Woodland “Movies on Main Street“ showing of “The Incredibles” & Car Show coming up on April 25th. This promises to be an exceptionally entertaining evening that can involve everyone! Main Street will be closed from First Street to Third Street from 5:30 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. The City of Woodland Car Show will take place that day and is limited to the first 50 cars. If ...more »

April 15 is almost here: Get your tax returns completed

April 11, 2014

Tax season is almost over and April 15 will be here before we know it. For those of you who have not filed your income tax returns yet, here is a friendly reminder. You are quickly running out of time. This year’s tax deadline is less than two week away. Though time is running out, it is important to not overlook items which can help increase the amount of a refund you receive or reduce the amount you have to pay. Do not rush your tax filing preparation during the last minute rush to meet the ...more »

Food Truck Mania Event in Woodland, CA – Sunday, April 6, 2014

March 31, 2014

On April 6th, Food Truck Mania will arrive in downtown Woodland to a community of foodies. This delicious event should not be missed; there is free entry and it is great for all ages. The whole family should plan to participate in this event, as they will enjoy this lunchtime experience. Food Truck Mania showcases tasty treats from the region’s most popular food trucks and their local eateries including Krush Burger, Drewski’s, Chando’s Tacos, Bacon Mania, Gyro King, and more. The ...more »

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