Is It Time To Update Your Home And Auto Insurance?

With Spring coming, the weather will be changing and some of that weather will definitely be rain. Being prepared for the rainy days to come ensures your home and your car are as ready as they can be. These are a few tips you can use to make sure you’re ready when the rain starts falling.


– Check gutters and clean if necessary.

– Examine your roof for leaks.

– Make sure outside drainage areas are free from blockages.

– Look under the house or in the basement for leaks.

These tips enable you to be proactive with problems before the rains begin.


– Check tires to ensure they have plenty of tread left.

– Examine seals around doors and the trunk/hatchback for cracks and leaks.

– Make sure headlights, brake lights and running lights are working.

– Have a certified mechanic check brakes and brake fluid levels.

– Reduce driving speed during rainy weather, especially at night.

These tips ensure your car is as ready as possible for rainy weather.

Another way to make sure your home and auto are protected is with great insurance. Working with a great insurance company like Wraith, Scarlett & Randolph in the Woodland California area gives you the assurance that, even if something does happen during the rainy seasons to come, you are financially protected. If you haven’t updated your home and auto policies in the last year or so, now is the time to give them a call!