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Healthy Holiday Black Bean Brownies

Chocolate is always a hit for the holiday season. Whether you are cooking for an office Christmas party, or you want to bake brownies for homemade food gift giving, try black bean brownies. You'll savor the flavor of rich, dense chocolate brownies while serving guests...

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Simple Tips to Burn Your Fireplace Safely

There’s nothing like curling your toes in front of a toasty fire. While the flames are crackling and your toes are popping, take every precaution to keep your home from going up in smoke. Use your fireplace safely with these tips. Have your chimney inspected by a...

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Cartoon Classic Cars – The Hottest Ever!

There are lots of great cars in the world and some of the most impressive, although improbable, were the cars from the cartoons well loved by children (and grown-ups!) everywhere. Everyone had a favorite, even if you weren't fond of the cartoon itself. That's because...

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49th Annual Woodland Holiday Parade

This year marks the 49th annual holiday parade in Woodland, California. The 2013 parade theme is Dashing Through the Snow. Come out to Main Street on December 14th at 10 am to watch the parade, rain or shine. Many thanks to the Woodland Chamber of Commerce and the...

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Our New Website: Reflecting the Changes in Healthcare

We at Wraith, Scarlett & Randolph work with insurance every single day and somewhere along the way it has become demystified.  We understand it, and we genuinely enjoy working with it.  We do realize, however, that not everyone adores the discussion...

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Black Friday Tips for Shoppers in Woodland, CA

Black Friday will be here in a blink of an eye, so it's best to start preparing now. Here in Woodland, CA two of the hottest stores for shopping on the day after Thanksgiving are Target and Best Buy. While Best Buy will start Black Friday sales on Friday, November 29,...

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DIY Thanksgiving Decorations and Cranberry Sauce

You have less than a month to plan and prep for one of the most important meals of the year. This Thanksgiving make sure that your home is up to par by taking the time to decorate the space. Start by adding seasonal gourds and pumpkins to your counters and surfaces,...

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“Going Green” Can Actually Save You Some Green

Many new car buyers are quickly scared off by the higher sticker price of hybrid vehicles. That's too bad for several reasons. Once you look past the initial purchase price, hybrids can actually save a ton of money over the life of the vehicle.   Save on Gas...

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Dog Bites and Homeowners Insurance Coverage

Owning a dog may affect your homeowners insurance policy. This is due to the dramatic rise in the value of dog bite claims over the last ten years. According to Insurance Information Institute figures, almost $490 million were paid for dog bite claims in 2012....

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