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Natural Disasters Remind Us To Have Insurance Coverage

April 25, 2014

Natural disasters can strike at any moment, and California has seen its fair share in the recent weeks. A 3.0 earthquake was just felt near Borrego Springs the first week of April. In Roseville, they had a tornado touch down during the last week of March, and massive mudslides struck northern and southern California at the beginning of March. After every disaster, people must assess the damage to their homes and properties. If they are lucky, their insurance company will compensate them for the damages ...more »

Top Tips for Road Trips

April 21, 2014

If you’re planning a long drive for spring break or a family vacation, keep these long-distance safety tips in mind: Before you take to the road, give your car a complete inspection. Consider having the oil changed by a mechanic, who can also check that other fluids are full and the car’s tires are properly inflated. If you know the car will need maintenance soon — a brake job, for instance — have it done before the trip. Get enough sleep before your trip. If you can, don’t ...more »

Is It Time To Update Your Home And Auto Insurance?

February 21, 2014

With Spring coming, the weather will be changing and some of that weather will definitely be rain. Being prepared for the rainy days to come ensures your home and your car are as ready as they can be. These are a few tips you can use to make sure you’re ready when the rain starts falling. Home: – Check gutters and clean if necessary. – Examine your roof for leaks. – Make sure outside drainage areas are free from blockages. – Look under the house or in the basement for ...more »

Should You Stay Home with a Cold or the Flu?

February 17, 2014

We tend to admire people who stay on the job, even when they’re under the weather. If the cold or flu virus spreads through the workplace, however, we might just wish they had stayed at home. Deciding when to stay home with a bug should center around two factors: 1) Are you physically up to the task? Rest is an important part of recovery, so working when you have a cold or the flu may mean it takes longer to fully recover.   2) Are you putting other people at risk? It can be difficult ...more »

“Going Green” Can Actually Save You Some Green

November 13, 2013

Many new car buyers are quickly scared off by the higher sticker price of hybrid vehicles. That’s too bad for several reasons. Once you look past the initial purchase price, hybrids can actually save a ton of money over the life of the vehicle.   Save on Gas   Most people think of the hybrid as a way to save on the cost of fuel. That’s true. Hybrids can save a bundle on fuel costs. The whole idea of a hybrid is to use the gasoline-powered engine only when it is most economical ...more »

Dog Bites and Homeowners Insurance Coverage

November 8, 2013

Owning a dog may affect your homeowners insurance policy. This is due to the dramatic rise in the value of dog bite claims over the last ten years. According to Insurance Information Institute figures, almost $490 million were paid for dog bite claims in 2012. This figure accounts for over a third of all homeowner insurance liability claims made in that year. In most cases, simply owning a canine will not increase the cost of your homeowners insurance policy. However, if your pet bites someone ...more »

Fall Care and Maintenance Tips

October 30, 2013

Have you noticed the familiar chill in the morning, the colorful fall foliage, the return to cozy fires and pumpkins in everything from farm to fork?  For many of us, the turning of seasons signifies a time to start preparing for those winter months of cooler weather, wind, and rain.  We hear of many property and liability claims that occur during the fall and winter months that could have been prevented with a little extra care and maintenance.  We would like to bring your attention to a few ...more »

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