Resolution 2014: Improve Your Employee Benefits Plan

This was a tough year for benefits providers. Employees had questions about how the new Affordable Care Act, which went into effect this year, would impact their care.

After all the trouble, why not make it your new years resolution to ensure your plans improve this year?

This year doesn’t have to be a challenge. Now that the new act is in effect, you can make your company’s plan a bright spot for the coming year. 

Many employees wondered if they could keep their current insurance plans, or if they had to change providers.

Don’t let these questions linger. Your best and most dependable employees depend on benefits for medical care.

First, make them understand how your benefits improve their lives. Point out parts of the plan that provide real benefits.

Seek assistance from professionals if necessary. The changes in health care laws mean qualified professionals are necessary to adequately navigate the complicated legalese. 

Take time to consider if your plan provides real “benefits” that make employees smile. If not, talk to a professional to revamp your plans.

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