The late 1800’s were contentious times between big companies and the emerging labor unions. Individual states began enacting Labor Day on the first Monday of September to recognize workers and their unions. After a particularly bloody strike against the Pullman Company, Grover Cleveland made the holiday a national one in 1894 to help ease tensions between the sides. It was mainly a political move that apparently didn’t work as Cleveland wasn’t re-elected.

Since then however, as a country, we celebrate the American worker every year at this time. The number of workers that are unionized has dropped from over 50% in the 1950’s to less than 12% in 2012. The holiday now serves more as a family and friends social occasion to recognize the end of summer.

At Wraith, Scarlett & Randolph Insurance, we recognize the efforts of the American worker. No matter how you decide to recognize the holiday, we encourage you to do it safely. The roads will be filled with those enjoying the weekend, and remind you to fasten your seats belts and watch out for the other guy. We are pleased to serve California and if you would like an insurance review, please contact us.

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