We’ve all seen those movie or TV scenes where someone gets pulled over by police, and is asked for their license and registration. When the scenario plays out in real life, they usually ask for proof of insurance too, especially if there’s been an accident. The frazzled driver reaches into their glove compartment and pulls out an old shoelace, instructions on how to work the airbag, and possibly a rubber chicken along with their insurance policy. All this hassle has led many to point out that it could all be so much easier if you could use an electronic device to show proof of your coverage.

Although it isn’t common practice across the United States, California has recently joined several other states that will accept electronic proof of insurance, which could make digging in that glove box a thing of the past.

Another way to make the whole process of finding the right insurance coverage easier is to let Wraith, Scarlett & Randolph help you find the right insurance for your needs. Since 1917, we’ve been serving Californians and have made a lot of strong contacts in the insurance world. Contact us today and find out how to make your insurance policies easier and more affordable.

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