There are lots of great cars in the world and some of the most impressive, although improbable, were the cars from the cartoons well loved by children (and grown-ups!) everywhere. Everyone had a favorite, even if you weren’t fond of the cartoon itself. That’s because every cartoon car had things going for it that the boring, plain cars parents owned were totally incapable of.

According to a recent article Top Five Classic Cartoon Cars, featured in the Hagetry Classic Cars’ weekly news, these are a few of the absolute favorites of all time!

– Speed Racer – Based on a combination of the Ferrari Testa Rosa and the Ford GT40, this car could do it all. Deflect bullets, go underwater, drive upside-down and win race after race! A genuine classic car that everyone remembers fondly.

– Transformers Bumblebee – No, not the Camaro from the movie but the VW Beetle that everyone remembers. Tough, cool and ready for anything, Bumblebee was perhaps the most memorable Transformer next to Optimus Prime and was probably responsible for the resurgence of the new Beetle all by itself!

– Scooby Doo Mystery Machine – Based on most every van from the 1960’s including the Ford Econoline and the VW Bus, the Mystery Machine took Fred, Daphne, Wilma, Shaggy and Scooby to mysteries and monsters everywhere. (Yes, and Scrappy too!)

– Gadget Police Car – Based on the Matra Murena, the Gadget-mobile could do everything while still looking like a police car. Definitely as much fun as his hat!

– Speed Buggy – The original talking car that sounded like it wouldn’t go 5 feet but won every race coming and going. Voiced by Mel Blanc (a la Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd, etc.) this is the most classic of classic cartoon cars.

If you want to read the full article with pictures and videos please visit the article here.

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