The summer means taking your motorcycle out of the garage and onto the road. With the heat and nothing but the open road ahead of you, it is tempting to simply turn your bike on and start riding. However, before you head out with you friends, there are a few tips to keep you safe when you go cruising.

First and foremost, make sure that you obtain, if you haven’t already, motorcycle insurance. Oftentimes, insurance for bikes is reduced or dropped during the colder months. Ensure you have proper coverage before riding.

Conduct a pre-ride inspection that includes checking the kickstand, chassis and chain, oils and fluids, lights accessories, controls, and tires.

Over or under-inflated tires can mean poor stability and handling, so check your tire pressure.

Make sure the shifter, front and rear brakes, clutch, and throttle are all working properly.

Check all switches and electrical equipment, turn signals, and brake lights, as well as the horn.

Remove the oil tank cap and use the dip stick to check oil levels after warming up your bike.

Ensure your drive belt or chain is adjusted to the proper specifications.

To learn more about being prepared before riding, contact Wraith, Scarlett & Randolph.

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