Many of us have possessions in our home or office that we cherish.  Perhaps the valuable is an art piece, or perhaps it is a hobby that we have acquired over the years.  All of these items we collect have specific market value as well as emotional value.

Examples of your Valuable collectibles are:

  • Antique vehicles
  • Musical Instruments
  • Fine Arts such as Paintings, Sculptures, Glass art
  • Jewelry
  • Wine
  • Antiques
  • Silverware
  • Antique Books, such as 1st Additions
  • Crystal
  • Furs

You may have other collectibles you have spent years researching and accumulating, or perhaps you have inherited these valuables.  Whether your valuables are in your home, office, or elsewhere, our insurance carriers have products that will protect your assets when they are lost, stolen, or damaged.  Your standard Homeowners or Office policy may have small limits for these valuables.

Wraith, Scarlett & Randolph Insurance professionals are here to help you protect those special valuables with products that offer market value as well as replacement of these rare items.  Please call us to discuss your collection, you might find many of us have our own collections and have had them insured over the years.  We practice what we recommend!  If you have spent your time, efforts, and money on your treasures, please let us help you protect those valuables.


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