When making your New Years resolution list, if being insured isn’t on it, you should reconsider making 2014 your year to be properly covered. According to the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, more than 47 million American were without health insurance in 2012, a level that has been consistent for nearly a decade (1).

Despite laws in 49 states – New Hampshire the one exception – that require auto liability insurance, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, there are many drivers who get on the roads without it (2).

In the case of both types of insurance, cost of insurance and a lack of income is the main determinant in an individual choosing to forgo insurance and the law in the case of auto insurance. Those people who do not have health insurance tend to wait to get health care they need, though, while those without auto insurance face potential penalties including fines and the suspension of their licenses if they are pulled over.

Not having insurance is a risky way to live, and we at Wraith, Scarlett & Randolph understand that people often choose not to get covered out of financial necessity. But insurance isn’t as expensive as many people think, and is always more affordable than the expenses involved with a major accident or illness. We provide insurance services in Northern California. When you decide you’re ready to make this year your year to get insured, please contact us.



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