“Going Green” Can Actually Save You Some Green

Many new car buyers are quickly scared off by the higher sticker price of hybrid vehicles. That’s too bad for several reasons. Once you look past the initial purchase price, hybrids can actually save a ton of money over the life of the vehicle.   Save on...

Dog Bites and Homeowners Insurance Coverage

Owning a dog may affect your homeowners insurance policy. This is due to the dramatic rise in the value of dog bite claims over the last ten years. According to Insurance Information Institute figures, almost $490 million were paid for dog bite claims in 2012....

Can Your Cell Phone Prove You’re Insured?

We’ve all seen those movie or TV scenes where someone gets pulled over by police, and is asked for their license and registration. When the scenario plays out in real life, they usually ask for proof of insurance too, especially if there’s been an...

Yolo County Fair: Are you insured?

Next month, the grand annual event is coming once again to the Woodland area: the Yolo County Fair. This is the biggest and oldest of the free gate state fairs in California. The fair will be fun for family and friends as there are events and attractions that will...

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